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Looking for an SEO Agency that can generate you some results? We are known for our Award-Winning SEO Services in Brisbane...

Clutch top 1000 digital marketing agency award for Digital Nomads HQ 2023

Winner of Clutch Global 1000

Honoured to be a multi-award winning SEO agency, establishing us as a thought leader within our industry.

Digital Nomads HQ, Digital Marketing team picture in the Sunshine Coast Office

We create successful SEO campaigns...

So, how do we do it?

We have been working with businesses in Brisbane and across Australia for years! We have tested it all and know what works… and equally what doesn’t. Bringing this SEO expertise and years of experience into your next campaign… achieving the SEO results you are looking for!


Relevant Content

“What is content relevancy?”

Google wants to ensure it shows the right content to every user search…

To do this, they use EEAT, standing for; experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trust. This allows all content to be crawled and assessed based on this framework. Our team creates all content in alignment with this, creating “expert” content, improving relevancy, and ultimately improving your position in SERPs.


Site Authority

Site authority is determined by multiple factors, from branded traffic to business age (domain age) and the key metric, backlinks. Having high-ranking, niche-relevant websites that are authoritative in your industry and linking through to your content dramatically boosts your credibility. Our link-building team will do this, creating a tailored link-building campaign based on your industry and your competitors link profiles.


User Experience

The website user experience has to be a great one!

This is speed, navigation, device compatibility, and content, to name a few. Having a team of designers, developers & experienced digital marketing experts… we can make sure this talent is involved in your SEO campaign… ultimately getting you a better result!

Brisbane's Local SEO Agency

Having worked with 100s of local Brisbane businesses across almost every industry, professional services, hospitality, automotive etc. We understand the nuances required to have a successful SEO campaign no matter your industry.

Whether you are looking to increase your presence in the Google Map pack (Local SEO) or increase the overall impression share on products or services – we can tailor our SEO Brisbane campaigns to be in alignment with your goals. 

Having a local SEO team working on your campaign, we can help in providing both insights into the your competitors and into your industry… that you may not be aware of. This could be “unique content” needing to be created, or new keywords that potentially your customers are searching for… we will provide you ongoing throughout your campaign.

Initial Consultation & Audit

We always start by understanding you business… your goals and the objectives you have from your SEO campaign. 

This can help us better align our strategy to suit the needs you have as a business, ultimately getting you a better result in the end.

From this consultation, our team will thoroughly analysis your website, from on-page copy, through to your link profile & technical corrective work that may be required.

By manually completing this prior to onboarding we can gage the requirements and resources required to get the best from your SEO campaign… consider it “creating a baseline”.


Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis

Upon onboarding and with the SEO audit documentation already completed, we can transition into your comprehensive keyword planner. This outlines the primary keywords to which we are targeting within your campaign. We will also implement these into our keyword tracking dashboard (which you get access to). 

Along with keyword research, we always undergo a competitive analysis, to ensure we haven’t missed opportunities that your “key” competitors may be capitalising on that you aren’t… We don’t want you to miss out!

Campaign Implementation

We move fast… often we are in campaign implementation within 1-2 weeks!

This is where our team now combines its findings from your baseline audit, any corrective measures needing to be addressed, keywords to target and competitive opportunities. 

All this will be combined into a structured roadmap for implementation… the team will work on any “critical” tasks first, often causing dramatic effects on your rankings (which can result in some great “quick wins”).

Ongoing SEO Campaign

Technical fixes corrected and with some of the “quick wins” obtained, your campaign transitions into a proactive SEO campaign.

Working on strategic content, writing “expert” level content to not just rank… but outrank your competitors. 

Creating topic pillars and cornerstone content on your website to increase your topical relevancy within your industry… and increase your authority by building on your backlink profile!

This is how your SEO campaign becomes a successful one…

Yes… we aren’t just a team of SEO experts…

We are a complete digital agency!

When you partner with us, you team up with an in-house team of local marketing specialists. Every strategy we develop, every piece of content we create, and every solution we implement is completed by our team members. We proudly do not outsource any part of our work.

Our no-lock-in contract policy means our team puts in effort every month to guarantee you see tangible results! 

No longer are you stuck in long-term contracts of 12-month SEO campaigns…

With businesses complaining about “lack of communication” or “zero transparency”. Our team is here… month in… month out, giving you complete transparency and approachability.

We understand the nature of Brisbane businesses and recognise the urgency many small businesses have in generating new leads or driving sales.

With our holistic understanding of business dynamics & marketing together… our team will get to work straight away on your campaign (having you onboard, with implementation often within a week of signing up).

Set aside any concerns about staying informed throughout your campaign – we keep you in the loop every step of the way, transparency is a core value of our business.

Annabelle, SEO manager in a meeting in the digital agency
Faith & Jodi having an internal staff meeting in the Digital Nomads HQ Meeting room
Digital Nomads HQ, Digital Marketing team picture in the Sunshine Coast Office

We've done it for them,

We provide full-suite digital marketing packages in Web design, SEM, SEO & content services, all strategically applied towards your business’s growth.

Our Brisbane SEO

Our SEO Brisbane services include it all… and so they should!

Whether your site needs on-page enrichment, copywriting, or a complete technical campaign, it’s included in your SEO package. With a full SEO team of experts across each area (technical, on-page, link building, etc.), we are one of the only SEO agencies that can include it all… in-house!

On-Page SEO

We understand the Brisbane market and its customers. Our SEO specialists can tailor your on-page strategy to answer their specific questions and needs. By aligning your on-page content, title tags and headings to your target audience, we will elevate your local online presence, making you a clear choice above your competitors.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is about building trust and credibility for your business in Google’s eyes… It’s a strategic campaign of backlink building to increase your website’s authority (DR – Domain rating). The result? Higher search rankings and better visibility for your business. With backlinks being one of SERPs strongest ranking factors our team will ensure we don’t just build you irrelevant links… but high-quality, niche-relevant placements that make an impact!

Technical SEO

This can be paramount in many SEO campaigns, and we never want to ignore the importance of technical SEO. This can be anything from performance, sitemap optimisation, or robot.txt files that require configuring; our Brisbane SEO team has this covered…. Making sure that when Google or Bing crawls your website, its foundation, structure & priorities are set for Google to understand.

Link Building

Our team will work on including you in your industry’s leading directories (citations), giving more strength to your domain, and increasing the possibility of additional leads… Referral traffic is a great lead opportunity.

Along with this, optimising your backlink profile by creating new high DA, Niche (this is key) backlinks to your website.

Local SEO

In Brisbane, most businesses and customers rely on local search: “This is the map pack at the top of Google”.

With 46% of Google searches being for local businesses, we’ll help optimise your Google My Business profile to capitalise on this traffic opportunity. Enriching your profile to resonate with your audience and tick all the boxes Google’s looking for to improve your SERP ranking.

Content Creation

“Content is king”

Expert content is a must, with Google cracking down on AI content, no longer can you just “batch” out content with no depth.

Our Brisbane SEO team are fantastic at writing copy tailored towards your audience, and optimising existing content across your site; this may include your blogs, new pages (that we can develop) or updates to existing pages.

Be our next Brisbane

See our SEO case studies, demonstrating our ability to deliver results across every industry in Brisbane. From increased keyword rankings, web traffic, and lead generation to boosted brand awareness and sales, we’re committed to data-driven strategies that produce tangible outcomes.

6 Month SEO Campaign

Real reviews,

Digital Nomads HQ is proud to have been awarded “Top 1000 Digital Marketing Agency” by Clutch. We’ve also won several awards by industry giant, Tech Behemoths. 

Read our 5 Star reviews and see what our clients say about us!


Tanya D.
Tullula, Owner
Read More
The most impressive thing about DNHQ is the way they work as a team to achieve the goals of a client.
Janelle R.
Read More
Digital Nomads truly stand out as a world-class agency. Their knowledge, creativity, adaptability, and innovative solutions have made them my go agency for 5 years now
Lilian B.
Derma Cosmetica
Read More
This team was the team I am looking for! They care, they are honest and they will go above and beyond to support your business.
Karen P.
Sapphire Support
Read More
Thanks to their digital marketing efforts, we’re seeing more leads coming in from Facebook, and our business is growing.
Dakota J.
Club Pilates
Read More
The team at Digital Nomads are great to work with. Jacob who is handling our SEO and Todd who is handling our Facebook Ads are very hands on and offer great guidance during our meetings
Jodi S.
One Plus Books
Read More
Digital Nomads HQ have an amazing team! They took the time to get to know me and my business, and advised me on a beautiful web design that exceeded my expectations! Highly recommend their services!
Sammi M.
Water Attack Pressure Washing
Read More
DNHQ have been an absolutely amazing group to deal with. We have used them for multiple years now and they have built our website from ground up and we get compliments on it daily. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking...
Grant S.
Buderim Driving School
Read More
This is the second website that the Digital Nomads HQ team has created for me (because the first one for a different business was so good) and the outcome again was so much more than I could have envisaged myself...
Charlie B.
The Flower Crew
Read More
'I've tried other marketing companies in the past, but when I first spoke to the team at Digital Nomads, I felt comfortable. They've achieved such great results in such a short time, and I look forward to continuing working with them...

130+ 5 Star Reviews across Google, Facebook & Clutch

Why choose us?

With so many SEO agencies in Brisbane and across Australia, many of them promising the same results, there are some key differences to Digital Nomads HQ and why so many local businesses choose us:



Strong relationships build trust – so you can be confident that we’ve got you. Establishing trust ensures that you can go about your business while we market yours. Whether you’re a one man band or a national company – we are your marketing partners.



It’s quite straightforward…

We approach, marketing, finance and business decisions with complete transparency, integrity & honesty. This is our bedrock at Digital Nomads HQ… no “highlight reels”… just good people.



Our commitment to excellence means the standards are high. Crazy high! And, while we are human… Our goal is that every aspect of execution, results and communication reflects this. We surround ourselves with excellent people, do excellent marketing to excellent results.
Ash & Annabelle, SEO team members discussing recent Google updates
Alicia Berry, Digital Nomads Content Creator Headshot
Managing Directors Benjamin Paine & Jodi Theisen in the Agency
Ashley Paine, SEO Account manager working on client accounts
Web developers Hayden & Mitch having an internal staff meeting
SEO Team members sitting in the Digital Nomads HQ Head Office
Hayden and Faith having a discussion about marketing
Managing Director Ben speaking with Ash & Faith in the office

"Our company culture is built upon the pillars of hard work, quality relationships and a playful sense of humour" - Jodi Theisen

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A local team recognised

We aren’t just an agency, we are a team! A team of incredible individuals who continue demonstrating their combined expertise across our client’s businesses, achieving national recognition.
Clutch Global 1000 digital agency award awarded to Digital Nomads HQ 2023

Clutch Global 1000

Proudly awarded #260 out of 262,000 digital marketing agencies worldwide in 2023

TechBehemoth Leaders 2023

Winner in Web Design, SEO & WordPress Development in Australia

Our expertise is frequently cited by industry leaders

Get the answers you are looking for about Digital Nomads HQ

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s all about helping your website rank higher in Google results so more potential customers can find you. Want to learn more?

Listen to Benjamin Paine and Annabelle Cochrane explain the ins and outs of SEO.

or read our comprehensive guide on “What is SEO

Most Brisbane businesses are paying a monthly retainer for SEO will pay between $1,000 to $1,500 AUD per month, with national Australian campaigns being in the $2,000 to $3,000 range. For those paying by the hour, $150 to $200 is the most popular SEO hourly rate. For one-off SEO campaigns and project based work, $3,000 to $5,000 per-project is common.

The cost of local SEO Services in Brisbane ranges from $1,000 per month to $3,000+ per month. This changes based on the SEO scope and inclusions in the campaign. A once-off setup / project cost for SEO can be $3,500 – $10,000+ depending on the number of pages required and keyword target quantity.

Common questions we frequently answer from clients are, “Why do I need SEO?” “Can’t I just run Google ads?” And while, yes, Google advertising and meta marketing can be fantastic lead-generation platforms and, in most cases, can provide the result in a matter of days,.

However, SEO is about compound returns and long-term success.

Example: Turn ads on, and leads start flowing. Turn your ads off, and the tap stops.

SEO works differently in that, by investing in your organic rankings, you can start ranking for the primary key terms that your customers are searching for. With a comprehensive strategy and some clever content, we can put you in the top positions for some of the industry’s most competitive terms.

A common question that we get asked… “Why is SEO important, or Why do I need to do SEO?”

The answer isn’t necessarily a simple one. 

SEO in most cases is a “no brainer” to invest into, with plenty of high-intent search traffic and keywords that are easy to obtain (low keyword difficulty) investing even just a small amount in a monthly campaign can very quickly provide a return…. and not just a return for a month or two… but long term compounding returns.

One statistic is that small businesses that invest in SEO, can see an average of 30%+ traffic increase within four months.

Now, yes the opposite can be true.

Low search volumes, with very hard-to-obtain keywords, may make you reconsider investing in an SEO campaign. This is why we always want to conduct an audit of your website, competitors & market opportunity prior to recommending any investment.

Yes, SEO can work for any business and the results we see across Brisbane for local businesses are a great example of this (Just see our case studies). Whether you are a small local trade business or an enterprise-level organisation, our SEO team will assess your website, create a tailored SEO strategy and implement it in alignment with your budget to meet your goals. Our team will then track and measure the progress of your SEO campaign, making measurable changes monthly to ensure that you are getting the best possible results. With our combined expertise in technical SEO, content creation, and authority building, we can help you achieve success with search engine optimisation.

Search engines take into account a number of factors and signals – and these change all the time. Overall, search engines monitor the words of your query, the relevance of your content, the usability of the website as a whole and the credibility of your referring links. Each of these factors has a different weight in the ranking system, and these change from time to time. This is why investing in a specialist team that is completely engulfed in the current SEO trends and ranking metrics pays off.
There are many ways to measure the success of your SEO campaign – if you are just commencing in SEO the first factor you will be focusing on is keyword rankings. Once you obtain a first page position, the next measure of success is organic traffic. Once your website has hit first position for your primary keyword, this is where CRO comes in – where we monitor conversion rates and how we can best set your website up for maximum conversions.

SEO vs Google Ads, which is the best option?

Together in a collaborative marketing strategy is the best result.

Key Point: Google Ads are fantastic to drive fast, intent driven leads, especially when implemented by an agency or professional. Meanwhile, SEO is the way to go when it comes to building long-term success, authority, and brand viability.

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Digital Nomads HQ has worked with over 400+ businesses across Australia. From these, we have achieved over 115+ 5-star reviews.

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