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Industry awards and recognitions for Digital Nomads collective delivery
Successful SEO campaigns across Australia, New Zealand & International.
Years in successful digital marketing, web design & strategic business growth
Jodi T.

Founding Director

With a background exclusively in leadership, business & sales, Jodi is in her element leading the multi-talented team of DNHQ. She originally launched Digital Nomads HQ, due to a niche demand in service-based industries for social media that really connected with their audience.
Benjamin P.

Managing Director

Benjamin is an experienced business owner who has experience in marketing, website design, SEO, and PPC. Having worked for both small startups and large enterprises, he has a proven record of delivering results for his clients.
Hayden M.

Head Of Development & Design

In his role as the head of the development division, Hayden leverages his extensive experience and creative mindset to think innovatively when designing concepts tailored to businesses across various industries. Hayden’s seamless integration of his passion for design and his technical expertise enables him to consistently deliver outstanding results.

Annabelle C.

Head Of SEO

Annabelle possess a degree in Business and Marketing and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. With valuable experience in in-house marketing, she has developed an extensive understanding of the marketing landscape and emphasises the importance of a holistic approach. Annabelle’s expertise lies specifically in digital strategy and SEO.


Chanie M.

SEO Account Manager

With a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communications Sciences, Chanie specialises in page design, SEO research strategies, and implementation. Having previous freelance jobs in social media, design, and content creation, she discovered her passion for all things digital at the very beginning of her college career.
Ashley P.

SEO Account Manager

Ashley, joins us from an engineering and mechanical background. With a passion for data, he brings a unique blend of skills to the table. His expertise lies in engineering, technology, and his deep affinity for data analysis. His valuable experience in these areas has honed his understanding of complex systems and problem-solving, making him a valuable asset in various domains, including data-driven decision-making.

Rikita P.

Senior Marketing Strategist

Rikita, a seasoned professional, has adeptly crafted and executed digital strategies across four continents. Armed with a Marketing Management degree, her expertise shines in PPC and SEO strategy. With a global outlook, her goal is to shape the digital marketing landscape and leave a remarkable impact.

Todd H.

Meta Marketing

Todd utilises his years of industry experience and leading qualifications to apply strategic problem solving and analysis to all layers of applied digital marketing. With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and earning the Dean’s Award for Excellence, Todd strives to maintain a multi-faceted approach to achieving the highest level of detail and critical thinking.

Alicia B.

Social Media Manager

Alicia, a creative enthusiast with an enduring passion for design and creation, holds a diploma in Social Media Marketing. Thriving as a Social Media Marketing Manager, she blends her creative flair with strategic brand elevation. Having previously interned at DNHQ, she now feels at home and fulfilled within the team.

Faith T.

Branding & Design

Once she channelled her creativity into digital mediums, she fell in love with graphic design. Since completing her Bachelor of Design and Communications she’s been working with businesses big & small – helping them to activate a strong brand identity and communicating that to their audience across social media presence, web and print.
Shaun H.


For the duration of Shaun’s career, he has managed every stage of development, from conception to launch: from preliminary Information Architecture to Wire-framing, User Experience and Visual Design, onto coding and full site development. A Full-stack development weapon.
Mitch M.


Graduated with a degree in Web Design, Mitch has since pursued a career in Web Development. Mitch specialises in building modern, responsive websites that are ready for the SEO team to rank on Google. Recovering broken websites, performing migrations, removing malware, are all Mitch’s forte. His attention to detail is second-to-none!

Lauren H.

Project Manager

Equipped with a Bachelor of Communication and a searing passion for organisation and creativity, Lauren works behind-the-scenes to keep the DNHQ engine room running. Beyond her degree, Lauren comes from a rich background of social media management, graphic design, copywriting & leadership.

Jodi S.


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