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The House Call Vet SEO Case Study by Digital Nomads HQ


The House Call Vet is a local, Brisbane-based veterinary clinic who deliver the top-notch care for pets across all stages of life. The House Call Vet offer both in-clinic services and a convenient mobile vet and house call service, allowing pet owners to provide their beloved animals with the highest standard of veterinary care in the comfort of their own homes. With a team of experienced veterinarians and compassionate nurses, they understand that pets are cherished members of families, and ensure each companion is treated with the expertise, passion, and friendliness they deserve.

The Brief

With a genuine love for Animals, The House Call vet team sought to reinforce their commitment to pet care and expand their footprint in the veterinary industry. The goal was not just to attract new clients but also to provide a seamless online experience that resonated with their core values of expertise, passion, and friendliness.

This is where Digital Nomads comes in! The House Call Vet partnered with our expert team to enhance visibility, reach a broader audience, and ensure that pet owners in Brisbane and beyond could easily find and connect with their service.

The Strategy

With a focus on boosting online visibility, enhancing user experience, and establishing authority in the veterinary industry, the SEO team created a comprehensive SEO strategy designed to align with the clinic’s values and business objectives.

Keyword Research & Optimisation

To ensure that The House Call Vet ranks prominently in relevant search engine results, Digital Nomads conducted in-depth keyword research to ensure only the most relevant terms were targeted. By strategically integrating keywords that resonate with the clinic’s services and values, we aimed to capture the attention of pet owners actively seeking expert and compassionate veterinary care.

Content Creation That Speaks Volumes

Crafting compelling and informative content was at the heart of our SEO strategy. Digital Nomads worked closely with The House Call Vet to develop content that not only showcased their expertise but also conveyed their passion for animals. This included blog posts, service pages, and other website content designed to engage and educate pet owners, while simultaneously improving the site’s overall search engine rankings.

Building Backlinks and Online Authority

To position The House Call Vet as a trusted authority in veterinary care, we implemented strategic backlink building campaigns. By earning high-quality backlinks from reputable sources, we aimed to showcase the team’s expertise, passion for animals, and dedication to providing top-notch services – ultimately enhancing the clinics online credibility and reinforcing their position as a go-to source for vet care.

Local SEO for Community Connection

By optimising The House Call Vet’s online presence and Google business listings for local searches, we aimed to strengthen the clinic’s connection with the Brisbane community, ensuring that pet owners in the area easily find and choose The House Call Vet for their furry companions’ needs.

Enhancing User Experience

In addition to a robust content optimisation strategy, we prioritised several key elements to create an intuitive and user-friendly online experience on The House Call Vet’s website. This involved optimising the website navigation, loading speed, and mobile responsiveness.

Additionally, design team worked collaboratively with The House Call Vet to fully update the look and feel of the website. This included updated layouts, imagery and a cohesive design that not only aligned with their brand but also appealed to their target audience.

The Results

Since the launch of their campaign in 2020, The House Call Vet has experienced remarkable success, demonstrating significant improvements across various key metrics. Our ongoing efforts have propelled the clinic to new heights, firmly establishing its online presence.

The implementation of our SEO strategy has yielded outstanding results, with The House Call Vet now holding over 130 terms in the top 3 spots of search engine results and hundreds more in the top 10. This broad visibility ensures that the clinic is prominently featured whenever potential clients explore veterinary services, driving organic traffic and brand recognition.

The strategic enhancements made to the website’s design, content, and user experience have resulted in a substantial increase in overall website traffic. Pet owners are not only discovering The House Call Vet through search engines but are also actively engaging with the site, exploring services, and finding valuable resources.


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