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Campaign Timeframe

2 Year SEO Campaign
HVACPA SEO and Web Design Case Study by Digital Nomads HQ


HVACPA is a local Australian business, providing commercial clients with a range of top quality HVAC units and repair parts What set’s HVACPA apart is their commitment to quality and pride themselves on having robust partnerships with key supply chain companies, ensuring they are always in the know about the latest products and equipped with valuable technical insights. These collaborations not only keep HVACPA ahead of cutting-edge developments but also position them as a reliable source of knowledge and support for their esteemed customer base.

The Brief

Recognising the important role a digital presence plays today, HVACPA sought to redefine their online identity and create a website that not only showcases their products and services but serves as a true reflection of their core values. 

  • Outdated Website Design: Their website needed a contemporary facelift to align with evolving digital standards and customer expectations. 
  • Limited Online Visibility: Limited online visibility hindered their ability to reach a broader audience and showcase their products to new and existing clients alike.  
  • Fierce Competitor Landscape: HVACPA needed to strategically position themselves against competitors. 

HVACPA enlisted the expertise of the team at Digital Nomads to transform and redefine their digital presence through integrating cutting-edge web design and the strategic deployment of Search Engine Optimisation and content creation. 

The Strategy

The initial challenge lay in a website that looked outdated, was difficult to navigate, and lacked the technical elements required for a successful eCommerce website. To address these challenges, the focus shifted to user-friendliness, undergoing strategic updates, including a new layout and design, to better showcase HVACPA’s range of products. Thus, the. Navigating the site became an intuitive journey, streamlined for impact. 

Transforming Search Presence With SEO 

After the launch of their new website, Digital Nomads utilised strategic SEO implementation strategies to further fortify its online presence.  

Comprehensive Keyword Research and Strategy 

Digital Nomads began the SEO journey by conducting thorough keyword and competitor research, unveiling a number of keywords relevant to their industry and offering. Armed with these insights, the team strategically integrated these terms across the website, enriching and optimising it’s copy and product descriptions.  

On-Page SEO Implementation and Content Creation 

On-page SEO implementation and creative content creation became the key to fine-tuning HVACPA’s online presence. This strategic foundation not only optimised their website for peak search engine performance but set the stage for sustained growth in organic search traffic. 

Demonstrating Authority Through Strategic Backlink Building 

Understanding the importance of authority and credibility, Digital Nomads engaged in strategic backlink building, which aimed to further solidify their position as an industry leader.  

The Results

The culmination of Digital Nomads’ web design efforts and strategic SEO campaign saw a significant increase across a number of metrics – positioning HVACPA as a leader in their industry and allowing them to compete with well established competitors.  

With meticulous attention to detail, the web design efforts breathed life into HVACPA’s online identity, providing a user-centric experience that seamlessly Additionally, the strategic SEO campaign set the stage for ongoing growth marked by increased visibility, user engagement, and an impressive surge in organic traffic. 

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