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Campaign Timeframe

3 Month SEO Campaign


Dairy-Free Down Under is a well-known Australian, family-owned enterprise offering dairy-free options that cater to diverse dietary needs. The comprehensive range of dairy-free alternatives promotes inclusivity in family meals for those with various dietary intolerances and is making waves with its dedication to quality, taste, and inclusivity.

The Brief

Having forged robust partnerships with major supermarket chains, the brand’s product presence is extensive, collaborating with leading food service channels both in Australia and internationally. With that said, they sought to expand this presence to the digital landscape.
Eager to elevate its digital footprint, the brand sought out Digital Nomad’s SEO services with a clear objective in mind. The primary goal for Dairy-Free Down Under was to enhance online visibility, increase organic traffic, and strategically drive targeted leads to its website. This encompassed a dual focus on both B2B engagement with potential stockists and heightened B2C consumer awareness.

However, the website faced several challenges that needed addressing, including:

• Underdeveloped Internal Linking Structure: The website lacked a cohesive and strategic internal linking structure, hindering the seamless navigation and exploration of its offerings.
• Little Individual Page Authority: Some pages on the website lacked the necessary authority, impacting their ranking potential and overall visibility in search engine results.
• Unoptimised SEO Titles: The existing SEO titles did not maximise their potential to attract relevant traffic and improve search engine rankings.
• Little Copy on Inner Pages: Insufficient content on inner pages limited the brand’s ability to effectively target relevant keywords, thereby diminishing its overall search engine optimisation.

The Strategy

Digital Nomads developed a comprehensive SEO strategy that was not only designed to address the website’s existing challenges, but also strategically positioned the brand for sustained growth.

Homepage Optimisation

Leveraging the homepage as a pivotal entry point for organic traffic, we focused on enhancing the homepage to effectively showcase the diverse product categories offered by Dairy Free Down Under. This not only provided a user-friendly experience but also established clear navigation pathways through internal links, increasing the individual page authority of product category pages.

SEO Title Optimisation

We executed a number of technical updates, including SEO title and Meta descriptions across the website to align each page and title with targeted keywords. By refining and customizing each SEO title and Meta description, we aimed to create compelling snippets that not only grab the attention of users but also improve search engine relevance.

Recipe Schema Markup Implementation

A crucial aspect of the SEO strategy was the implementation of Recipe Schema markup for the site’s recipe content. This allowed Google to accurately categorise and recognise recipe content, increasing the likelihood of Dairy Free Down Under’s recipes appearing in rich snippet results.

Individual Recipe & Blog Template Optimisation

To enhance user experience and increase conversion potential, individual recipe and blog templates were optimised with the goal of maximising opportunities for engagement and conversion.

Product and Recipe Category Optimisation:

Individual product and recipe categories also received meticulous optimisation, including the addition of sections for enriched on-page copy. This strategic approach aimed at improving keyword targeting and building page authority, enhancing the ranking potential for both broad category terms and specific recipe/product terms.

Authority Building Strategy

Lastly, to cement these on-page and technical advancements, we implemented a robust authority building strategy, designed to establish the brand as a credible and authoritative source in the plant-based food industry.

The Results

In a short three month period, our SEO strategy for Dairy-Free Down Under has yielded a number of exciting results. We witnessed a significant increase in sessions, which means that the brand is more visible online, more people are visiting the website and are spending more time engaging with the brand.

With a number of keywords ranking in the top 10 and a significant increase in organic impressions. This indicates that Dairy-Free Down Under is not only attracting increased traffic but is also standing out prominently in search results!


Organic is top source of traffic


Increase in organic sessions

2d 8h 50m

Increase in organic user engagement

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