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Campaign Timeframe

3 Month SEO Campaign
Coastal Rehab SEO Case Study


Coastal Rehab, located on the Sunshine Coast, provides rehabilitation services tailored to families, insurers, legal firms, and healthcare practitioners. Their expertise ranges from managing complex and catastrophic cases to conducting assessments and offering services under the national disability scheme (NDIS).

The Brief

As a local business, Coastal Rehab’s goal was to expand its digital footprint and solidify its presence within the Sunshine Coast region. Their primary objective was to increase bookings. By recognising the pivotal role of search engines, Coastal Rehab understood that a comprehensive SEO campaign was the primary avenue for achieving its goals.

The Strategy

The strategy implemented to attain Coastal Rehab’s objectives involved a comprehensive SEO campaign specifically tailored to the local market. This involved multifaceted approach:

Thorough Keyword Research: Extensive keyword research was conducted to pinpoint pertinent terms, such as “Occupational Therapy Sunshine Coast” and “OT Sunshine Coast,” crucial for targeting within Coastal Rehab’s website content.

On-Page Optimisation: The SEO team optimised relevant web pages, including meta tags, headers, and content, to seamlessly align with the identified target terms. This optimisation not only enhanced search engine visibility but also ensured that Coastal Rehab’s offerings were prominently featured to potential clients.

Content Development: High-quality, informative content was created, revolving around the range of rehabilitation services offered by Coastal Rehab. This content not only addressed common inquiries and concerns of prospective clients but also positioned Coastal Rehab as an authoritative source in the field.

Off-Page Authority-Building: To solidify Coastal Rehab’s website as an authority in the occupational therapy space, a monthly off-page authority-building strategy was implemented. This involved acquiring backlinks from relevant directories, healthcare websites, and community resources. These backlinks served to bolster Coastal Rehab’s credibility and reinforce its position as a trusted provider of rehabilitation services.

By integrating these components into a cohesive SEO campaign, Coastal Rehab aimed not only to enhance its online visibility but also to establish itself as the go-to destination for occupational therapy services in the Sunshine Coast region.

The Results

Within 3 months of SEO implementation, Coastal Rehab experienced significant and measurable results. There was a notable increase in website traffic, driven by improved search engine rankings for “Occupational Therapy Sunshine Coast” and “OT Sunshine Coast”. Additionally, the increased visibility on the SERPs translated into an increase in enquiries and bookings from clients seeking rehabilitation services. Overall, the SEO campaign proves to be instrumental in elevating Coastal Rehab’s digital presence, ultimately driving business success within the Sunshine Coast community.


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