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Campaign Timeframe

6 Month SEO/Paid Campaign
Symmetry Orthodontics Google Ads Case Study by Digital Nomads HQ


Our client, Symmetry Orthodontics, a Specialist Orthodontic practice founded in 2010 by Dr Jamie Galbraith reached out to enhance their online presence and attract more patients to their services. Their primary goal was to increase visibility in search results and differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

The Brief

By enquiring about advertising on Google Ads, the practice aimed to leverage targeted advertising to reach potential patients actively seeking orthodontic treatment. They sought a cost-effective solution that would allow them to control their budget while tracking tangible results, ultimately aiming to promote their specialized services, attract new patients, and retain existing ones through strategic online marketing efforts.

The Strategy

Our approach to achieving outstanding results for the Symmetry Orthodontics was founded on a meticulously crafted strategy tailored to their unique needs. Beginning with in-depth research, we honed in on the most effective keywords, demographics, and geographic locations to develop a targeted advertising plan that would resonate with potential patients actively seeking orthodontic care. Our team meticulously crafted compelling ad copy and creatives designed to captivate audiences and drive clicks, ensuring maximum engagement with the practice’s offerings.

Leveraging Google Analytics, we implemented robust tracking mechanisms to monitor campaign performance in real time, allowing us to pivot and refine our strategies as needed for optimal results.

Our dedication to continuous improvement drove us to engage in ongoing optimisation efforts, constantly testing and refining ad copy, keywords, and targeting parameters to amplify performance over time. Through this iterative process, we maximised return on investment for Symmetry Orthodontics, driving increased visibility, lead generation, and patient acquisition.

At Digital Nomads, our strategic approach combines thorough research, targeted advertising, data analysis, and ongoing refinement to propel our clients toward unparalleled success in the digital landscape.

The Results

From the moment we launched their Google Ads campaigns midway through 2022 to the remarkable increase in leads achieved by 2023, our efforts consistently drove tangible outcomes. Our notable results not only validate the effectiveness of our methods but also reaffirm our commitment to delivering unparalleled success for our clients. At Digital Nomads, we are proud to have played a pivotal role in Symmetry Orthodontics’ journey to digital prominence, and we look forward to continuing to drive their success in the future.

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