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Campaign Timeframe

6 Month SEO Campaign
SureSafe SEO Case Study by Digital Nomads HQ


SureSafe Personal Alarms are a trusted brand that specialise in personal and medical alarm systems, ensuring that people from all walks of life can live with greater security, independence and dignity. From mobile alert devices to advanced home monitoring systems, their commitment to affordability, accessibility, and functionality have made them the go-to personal alarm supplier for aged care properties across Australia.

The Brief

SureSafe’s ambition was clear—to broaden its impact and resonate with a wider audience. Armed with a diverse product line and a profound dedication to customers, the brand enlisted the Digital Nomads team to mirror its offline success online.

The Strategy

Diving headfirst, our SEO campaign took a multi-faceted approach – From extensive keyword research to technical improvements and more, we layered our strategies for a comprehensive and sustainable impact.

Utilising Highly Relevant Keywords

We meticulously identified and integrated highly relevant keywords into SureSafe’s online content. This not only enhanced their visibility in SERPs but also ensured that their message resonated with those actively seeking personal alarm solutions.

Technical SEO Mastery

Our team delved into the intricacies of technical SEO, fine-tuning SureSafe’s website for optimal search engine performance. This lay the foundation for sustained growth in organic search traffic.

Meticulous On-Page Optimisation

Every click matters and by optimising on-page elements, we ensured that users not only found SureSafe easily but were compelled to engage with their offerings. This resulted in a remarkable 37% increase in clicks and a 34% boost in Call-to-Action (CTA) responses.

External Authority Building

Building trust in the digital landscape is paramount. We strategically amplified SureSafe’s external authority, positioning them as an industry leader. This not only bolstered their credibility but also contributed to a 67% surge in organic sessions.

The Results

A robust online presence is the heartbeat of success in today’s digital landscape. By focusing on meaningful interactions, Digital Nomads not only created an effective online presence but transformed SureSafe’s website into a lead generation powerhouse. With amplified SERPs impressions, organic clicks, and conversions, our long-term SEO strategy has set the stage for lasting growth and success.


Increase In Organic Sessions


Increase In Organic Conversions


Increase In Organic Clicks

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