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Campaign Timeframe

4 Month SEO Campaign


My Weight Loss Clinic is a national telehealth business specialising in providing personalised support to individuals embarking on their weight loss journey. Unlike conventional approaches, the team at My Weight Loss Clinic offer a comprehensive three-phased program designed to meet the needs of their patients.

The Brief

After dedicating resources to a maintenance SEO campaign for over a year, My Weight Loss Clinic witnessed significant increases in awareness, bookings, and team expansion. Eager to sustain this upward momentum, they sought out Digital Nomads HQ for further strategies to enhance their organic growth and boost visibility. The question posed: “How can we build upon our success and achieve even greater results?”

The Strategy

Digital Nomads implemented a thorough analysis of organic competitors and investigated their strategies to see areas of opportunity to increase organic traffic share.

Weekly Blog Content

To increase My Weight Loss Clinic’s online presence and engage with its target audience regularly, Digital Nomads initiated a strategy of consistent weekly blog posts. By providing valuable and informative content related to weight loss tips, healthy eating habits, exercise routines, and more, the clinic aimed to establish itself as a trusted resource in weight management. These blog posts served to educate and inspire visitors. They were crucial in driving organic traffic to the clinic’s website, ultimately increasing brand visibility and attracting potential clients seeking reliable information and support on their weight loss journey.

Additional Off-Page Authority Building

Digital Nomads expanded off-page authority-building initiatives by recognising the importance of off-page factors in enhancing the website’s online authority and credibility. This involved a multifaceted approach encompassing strategies such as guest blogging on reputable health and wellness websites and securing high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources. By strategically positioning My Weight Loss Clinic as a reputable and authoritative entity within the weight loss industry across various digital platforms, these initiatives aimed to bolster the website’s online reputation, improve search engine rankings, and attract a wider audience of potential clients.

Further Content Optimisation

Understanding that content is #king in driving organic traffic and engaging website visitors, Digital Nomads implemented ongoing content optimisation efforts for My Weight Loss Clinic. This involved a comprehensive review and refinement of existing website content to ensure relevance, clarity, and alignment with target keywords and user intent. Additionally, the team implemented rigorous keyword research and analysis to identify new opportunities for content creation and optimisation based on emerging trends, search queries, and user preferences. By continuously fine-tuning and optimising the website’s content, Digital Nomads aimed to enhance its visibility in search engine results pages, improve user experience, and ultimately drive more qualified traffic and conversions for My Weight Loss Clinic.

The Results

Within four months, the My Weight Loss Clinic website experienced a remarkable increase across all primary metrics, witnessing a notable advancement of 31 keywords securing prime positions within the top 3 ranks on Google. Currently, the total is an impressive 115 keywords occupying these coveted spots. This surge in visibility corresponded with a 144% increase in SERP impressions, affirming the website’s escalating prominence within search engine results. With organic search now emerging as the primary source of traffic to the website, these substantial gains underscore the efficacy of the implemented strategies and the enduring impact of prioritising organic growth initiatives.


First Page Keywords


Increase In SERP Impressions


Increase In New Users Via Organic Traffic

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