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Campaign Timeframe

3 Month SEO Campaign
My Property SEO Case Study by Digital Nomads HQ


Manage My Property is a comprehensive platform catering to the needs of property owners, landlords, and tenants seeking professional property management services. Our platform offers a user-friendly directory featuring detailed company profiles, contact information, services offered, customer reviews, and ratings. At the heart of their service is an easy-to-use multistep form designed to streamline the process of finding the perfect property management agency. This intuitive form guides users through a series of questions aimed at understanding their specific needs and requirements that then matches users with agencies that meet their criteria, simplifying the search for the right fit.

The Brief

For Manage My Property, a comprehensive platform connecting property owners, landlords, and tenants with professional property management services, integrating SEO strategies was essential to stand out in an already saturated industry. Other goals included enhancing online visibility to attract a targeted audience actively seeking property management solutions, optimise user experience to ensure seamless navigation and establish Manage My Property as a trusted authority in the property management sector

The Strategy

We employed a holistic approach to Manage My Property’s SEO campaign, encompassing a range of strategies including keyword research and optimisation, on-going content creation and external linki building.

Keyword Research

As a directory catering to property owners, landlords, and tenants, our keyword research focused on identifying the most relevant and high-converting keywords in the property management industry. This involved analysing search volumes, competition levels, and user intent to target valuable keywords that would drive qualified traffic to the website.

Content Optimisation

To ensure maximum visibility and relevance, we meticulously optimized all aspects of Manage My Property’s content. This included optimizing meta titles, meta descriptions, headers, and body content with targeted keywords, to ensure that users could easily find relevant information when searching for property management services.

Content Creation

High-quality and informative content is essential for engaging users and establishing authority in the property management space. We prioritised the creation of valuable content such as blog posts, articles, guides, and FAQs, addressing common questions and concerns of property owners, landlords, and tenants.

External Authority Building

We implemented a strategic link-building campaign to acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable websites within the property management niche, further solidifying Manage My Property’s authority and credibility online.

The Results

Our SEO strategies for “Manage My Property” yielded remarkable results, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach in driving significant improvements in search engine visibility and traffic within a short span of two months.

Through keyword research and optimisation, we successfully obtained rankings for 172 highly competitive keywords related to property management services. Impressively, over 17 of these keywords secured placements on the first page of search engine results.

The implementation of our SEO strategies also led to a noticeable increase in website traffic. By targeting high-value keywords with substantial search volumes and relevance to the target audience, we attracted a number of qualified visitors to the website, expanding its reach and potential for generating leads.


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