Elevating brand presence and drive reservations


Campaign Timeframe

3 Month Paid Campaign
Junction Momoa Social Media Marketing Case Study by Digital Nomads HQ


Located on the breathtaking Murray River within the charming Echuca Moama tourist area, Junction beckons with its rich heritage and bountiful local produce. This esteemed restaurant and bar serves as a hub for savoring the best of the region. Indulge in exquisite cuisine, fine wines, inventive cocktails, and artisanal beers, all curated to highlight the essence of the locale in an elegant ambiance.

The Brief

Our client, Junction Moama, a renowned restaurant, approached us with a clear objective: to elevate their brand presence and drive reservations, all while enhancing local engagement. Recognizing the potential of social media, they sought our expertise in leveraging platforms like Facebook and Instagram to achieve these goals. Their aim was to not only increase their online visibility but also to create a more interactive and engaging experience for their local community.

The Strategy

For Junction Moama, our strategy aimed to enhance their brand presence and drive reservations while engaging the local community. We proposed a strategic approach using Facebook and Instagram, leveraging captivating visuals, engaging content, and geo-targeted ads. We aimed to showcase the restaurant’s unique offerings to the local community and entice potential diners through Instagram’s visual appeal.

To achieve this, we developed a comprehensive plan that involved showcasing menu items, beverages, venue ambience, special events, seasonal occasions, and the talented team. This approach was designed to increase table reservations and bookings by highlighting Junction Moama’s key selling points.

We also made media and content recommendations to support our strategy, including using high-quality images and videos to showcase the visually appealing dishes, elegant ambience, and friendly staff. We incorporated compelling descriptions and testimonials to evoke desire and create a sense of anticipation among potential customers. Additionally, we highlighted the unique features and offerings of Junction Moama, such as locally sourced ingredients or signature dishes/cocktails, to engage the audience and create an authentic connection with the brand.

In terms of targeting, we focused on 18+ individuals who demographically or socially fit Junction Moama’s dining & bar experience. Our target audience was primarily located within the region and surrounding towns within a 30-minute to 1-hour driving distance. This precise targeting ensured that our efforts were directed towards those most likely to convert into customers.

The Results

Through our strategic approach and ongoing performance optimisations, we achieved remarkable results for Junction Moama. Facebook ad link clicks increased by 585%, our Facebook ads’ average CPM decreased by 35%, Facebook page views increased by 71%, and Instagram profile visits increased by 14%. Overall, these outcomes demonstrate the effectiveness of our tailored paid social media marketing strategy in achieving Junction Moama’s goal of enhancing brand presence and driving reservations.


Decrease In CPM


Increase In Social Views

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