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Established in 1987, Go Ride A Wave is Australia’s favourite surf school, catering to over 50,000 satisfied customers each year. With such a long, proud history and proud members of Surfing Australia, Go Ride A Wave are pioneers in the industry having helped establish surf school standards nationwide. Go Ride A Wave have locations across the stunning Great Ocean Road, offering a diverse range of activities including bodyboarding, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and corporate and team-building events. Their surf lessons cater to all ages and skill levels, providing expert instruction, hands-on practice, and a strong emphasis on ocean safety awareness.

The Brief

While an already beloved and well-established business off-line, Go Ride A Wave saw the need to expand it’s reach further. With a reputation built on passion and a commitment to delivering exceptional surfing experiences, they sought to further enhance their online presence to better reflect their brand essence and expertise.

  • Amplifying Reach: Go Ride A Wave aimed to extend its influence beyond its current customer base, targeting new audiences in its primary service areas and beyond.
  • Transforming On-Page Experience: The goal was to revamp the appearance and functionality of their website, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience that captures the excitement and energy of surfing.
  • Securing & Maintaining Rankings: Go Ride A Wave sought to secure top rankings for relevant keywords across search engines, establishing itself as a leading authority in the surfing industry and maintaining those positions over time.
  • Maximising Local SEO: Leveraging the power of local SEO techniques and Google My Business Listings, Go Ride A Wave sought to attract and engage potential customers within its key service locations, solidifying its position as the premier surf school in those regions.

To achieve these goals, Go Ride A Wave partnered with DNHQ, leveraging our expertise in web design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local SEO, and content creation to better alignin their digital presence with the same level of excellence

The Strategy

Through extensive research and on-page assessments, the team at Digital Nomads identified key areas for improvement on Go Ride A Wave’s website and developed a tailored SEO strategy that aimed to enhance website visibility, elevate user experience, and drive organic traffic to fuel local business growth.

Our strategy was multi-faceted, addressing various aspects crucial to optimizing Go Ride A Wave’s online visibility:

Updating Layout & User Experience

We overhauled and updated the website’s layout, ensuring it was visually appealing, intuitive to navigate, and optimised for mobile devices. By modernising their appearance and enhancing user experience, we aimed to increase engagement and encourage visitors to explore Go Ride A Wave’s services further.

Local SEO & GBP Optimisation

As a business that relies heavily on their local presence, we implemented a number of strategies to enhance Go Ride A Wave’s presence in their main service locations. This included optimizing Google My Business profiles, local directory listings, and geo-targeted keywords to attract nearby customers actively seeking surf lessons and outdoor experiences.

Internal Linking Structure

We optimised the internal linking structure to establish logical pathways for users to navigate the site and improve crawlability for search engines. By strategically interlinking relevant pages, we aimed to enhance website authority and distribute link equity effectively.

On-page Copy Optimisation & Enrichment

In addition to an improved look and feel, we updated, refined, and enriched the copy to better reflect Go Ride A Wave’s passion, expertise, and unique selling points. This allows users to gain a deeper understanding of the exceptional experiences offered by Go Ride A Wave, fostering a stronger connection with the brand.

In-Depth External Link Building

Leveraging our network of high-quality websites and authoritative sources, we executed a strategic external link building campaign to enhance Go Ride A Wave’s backlink profile. By acquiring relevant and reputable external links, we aimed to boost website authority, improve search rankings, and drive referral traffic.

The Results

Our results are nothing short of extraordinary! Through meticulous attention to detail, our expert team executed strategic copy optimisation, Local SEO focus and revitalised web design, breathed new life into Go Ride A Wave’s online presence.

Not only have we created a more effective and engaging website, but we’ve also achieved remarkable increases across a variety of metrics. With amplified impressions on search engine results pages (SERPs), a surge in organic clicks, and a noticeable uptick in leads, our strategy has propelled Go Ride A Wave to new heights, solidifying their position as a leader in the surf school industry.


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