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12 Month Campaign
Davis Sanders Homes Social Media Case Study by Digital Nomads HQ


Established in 1991, Davis Sanders Homes is renowned for its commitment to excellence in the homebuilding industry. Specializing in high-quality, award-winning homes, Davis Sanders Homes offers a number of services including meticulously designed home plans and immersive virtual tours of display homes. Additionally, the company simplifies the homebuying process with comprehensive house and land packages, ensuring clients find the perfect combination of land and home design with ease.

The Brief

With a goal to enhance their digital presence and effectively connect with their target audience across Instagram and Facebook, Davis Sanders Homes sought our expertise in social media management services for several key reasons: 

  • Boosts Website Traffic 
  • Improve Brand Image & Awareness 
  • Showcase expertise and services 
  • Align brand and ensure consistency across various marketing  

The Strategy

Understanding that Davis Sanders Homes’ goal was to boost brand visibility, generate leads, and showcase their expertise, we created a custom strategy tailored to their specific needs and objectives. This strategy served as a roadmap to guide our efforts in leveraging social media platforms effectively. 

In-Depth Research and Analysis 

To ensure the success of our strategy, we conducted thorough research to gain insights into Davis Sanders Homes’ target audience. By delving into their online activities, interests, and demographics, we uncovered valuable information that informed our content creation and targeting decisions.  

Hashtag Rotation Strategy 

Like any social media platform, Instagram thrives on the effective use of hashtags to increase visibility and engagement. Our hashtag rotation strategy for Davis Sanders Homes involved meticulous research and curation of relevant hashtags tailored to their industry, target audience, and specific content themes. By regularly rotating and updating these hashtags, we ensured that Davis Sanders Homes’ posts reached a broader audience while staying relevant to current trends and conversations. 

Creation of Engaging Visuals & Compelling Copy 

Leveraging our expertise in content creation, we developed visually appealing graphics and compelling copy that effectively showcased Davis Sanders Homes’ projects, expertise, and services. From stunning imagery to captivating captions, our content aimed to delight the audience, grab their attention and drive meaningful engagement. 

Ongoing Management & Optimisation 

Our commitment to Davis Sanders Homes extended beyond the initial strategy development and content creation phase. We provided ongoing management of their social media accounts, continuously monitoring performance metrics and optimising our approach to ensure maximum impact and results. 

The Results

By leveraging platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we’ve successfully increased the brand’s visibility within the competitive homebuilding industry. Our visually appealing graphics and compelling copy sparked meaningful interactions and conversations with Davis Sanders Homes’ audience, fostering a sense of community and loyalty.  


Increase in social followers


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