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6 Month SEO Campaign
Asset Cabins & Homes SEO Case Study By Digital Nomads HQ


Asset Cabins & Homes, based in Gympie, QLD, is a manufacturer specialising in constructing cabins and modular buildings for tourist and holiday parks. With a diverse array of modular and relocatable solutions, the company caters to both commercial businesses and residential clients across Australia. Distinguished by its commitment to excellence, Asset Cabins & Homes takes pride in delivering a superior product designed to stand the test of time. With a strong reputation built on craftsmanship and reliability, Asset Cabins & Homes remains a trusted partner for those seeking accommodation solutions.

The Brief

Despite its strong reputation and steady word-of-mouth referrals, Asset Cabins & Homes recognised the need to diversify its acquisition channels to future-proof and propel the business towards sustained growth.

The Strategy

The SEO team at Digital Nomads HQ conducted a comprehensive analysis of organic competitors, to identify opportunities for increasing Asset Cabins & Homes organic traffic share. Based on this analysis, we identified the potential to capitalise on high-volume relevant keywords through strategic page creation. Additionally, we focused on optimising the website delivery to increase the brand’s visual authority and credibility – to ultimately secure more commercial clients.

Page Creation & Content Optimisation

Through competitor research and keyword research, we identified high-volume, relevant keywords that align with the interests of Asser Cabins & Homes’s target audience. With this data, we developed pages that were not only designed to rank in the SERPs but also increase engagement on the site and drive conversions.

Off-Page Authority Building

With on-page content optimisation serving as the groundwork, we embarked on off-page strategies to bolster the visibility and credibility of Asset Cabins & Homes. This involved contributing guest posts to respected niche websites. Through proactive engagement with authoritative platforms and the acquisition of high-quality backlinks, we not only enhanced Asset Cabins & Homes’ search engine rankings but also expanded their organic traffic share relative to competitors.

The Results

Within four months, the My Weight Loss Clinic website experienced a remarkable increase across all primary metrics, witnessing a notable advancement of 31 keywords securing prime positions within the top 3 ranks on Google. Currently, the total is an impressive 115 keywords occupying these coveted spots. This surge in visibility corresponded with a 144% increase in SERP impressions, affirming the website’s escalating prominence within search engine results. With organic search now emerging as the primary source of traffic to the website, these substantial gains underscore the efficacy of the implemented strategies and the enduring impact of prioritising organic growth initiatives.


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