Click Through-Rate (CTR) Calculator

Here’s a quick and easy tool to calculate the CTR of your ads and content.

CTR Calculator

Fill out the metrics below to work out your CTR (click-through rate).
CTR Calculator

Calculate the number of clicks

To understand your CTR (Click-Through-Rate), you'll need to go into your Google Search Console Property or into your Google Adwords Account and find the number of clicks your ad or page is getting. Put this number into the "Clicks" field.

Determine number of impressions

Your website receives impressions everytime an ad or page is shown to users in the SERPs. You can see the number of impressions a page or ad has received by checking your Google Analytics 4 property. Add this number to the "Impressions" field on the left.

And... You Have Your Click-Through-Rate!

After inputting your clicks and impressions, the CTR calculator will provide you with a CTR number. Learn more about CTR and frequently asked questions regarding CTR below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on CTR

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on click-through rate that we commonly get asked;

Click-through-rate, or CTR, is a metric determined by the number of times a user clicks on an ad or link and lands on a specific page of your website. To understand CTR, the number of clicks is compared to the number of impressions – the number of times a user sees or clicks the ad – using the above CTR calculator formula.

Without a high CTR, it’s very unlikely that users are landing on your website… let alone making a desired action. 

When you have a greater click-through-rate, you subsequently have more users on your website and thus more potential for leads or sales.  

CTR is calculated by the number of clicks an ad or page receives divided by the number of impressions the same ad or page recieves. 

A CTR calculator is a super handy tool that helps to understand the effectiveness of either an advertising or SEO campaign.

The benefits of using a CTR calculator and understanding your CTR includes: 

  • Assess Ad Performance: It allows you to compare the different ads to see which ones are generating more clicks and engagement. 
  • Optimise Campaigns: By identifying underperforming ads, you can make adjustments to improve their CTR and overall performance. 
  • Evaluate SEO Performance: By assessing your CTR you can see whether the keywords you are targeting and ranking for it relevant to the search intent. 

You should look at using an online CTR calculator in the following instances: 

  • After launching a new advertising campaign
  • Monitoring ongoing campaigns
  • Comparing different campaigns
  • Optimising existing campaigns
  • For setting benchmarks and goals in your advertising campaigns. 

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