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Are you based in Buddina and need Web Design for your Business?
Digital Nomads HQ creates beautiful web designs. We always stay ahead of trends and technology. Our mission is for continuous improvement and to continually study the best practices in Web Design. We keep our web design team up to date with the latest design concepts. We are always improving our web design skills. We create responsive and innovative web and mobile web designs. This provides a seamless user experience. All of our web designs are tailored to work across various device sizes.

Our SUCCESS is determined by your SUCCESS. We don’t just creating a web design that looks awesome, the web design also needs to be functional and tailored for Google’s SEO algorithm.


Pretty is not everything!

We don’t believe in being ‘just another’ web design company. We view your website as a natural extension of your company personality. It is therefore important to use your web design layout to set the tone for your online web presence.

Mobile ‘Responsive’ Web Design is a necessity nowadays. The majority of visitors to your website will be from mobile users. Your online web presence will be fruitless if it doesn’t produce a positive visiting experience for its user. Mobile responsive web design allows for your web layout to adapt to both large and small screens.

Mobile responsive web design is a vital consideration that often gets overlooked during creation, or during an existing web design refresh. Mobile Responsive web design has a huge impact on the overall success of your website.


Our Approach to Web Design

We consider all of your online platforms when creating your web design. The design of your website needs to match your company brand, as well as existing online social media platforms.
We also take into consideration the requirements of your visitors, as well as what will help move the money needle for your business.

SEO and beautiful Web Design go hand in hand. What’s the point of having a beautiful looking website without ranking on the front page of Google. If you would like your website to rank on the front page of Google, just like this one, then contact us. We also are a fully fledged SEO Agency.



Revamp Your Website Design?

You may think that your website is performing well, but, did you know that updating your existing website can enhance and improve various important aspects? Although refreshing your existing website may sound daunting, a well implemented refresh can bring about drastic changes and improve your conversion rates.

This increased functionality will enhance the user experience, helping you reach your online digital marketing goals. You can greatly improve your brand’s image all in one revamp!

Refreshing your website is ESSENTIAL. It’s not just about keeping up with design trends; refreshing your website arises out of a need to keep up with an ever-evolving industry, technology, and customer demands. In order for your business to expand, your website should bring out the best in your brand’s digital marketing potential!


What We Do

We create unique and custom-designed websites with excellent aesthetic appeal. Your website will be highly functional and will provide a user-friendly experience.
As experts in creating SEO optimised web designs for high visibility, your website will attract new digital marketing revenue.

Web Design And Email Hosting

We offer multi-platform web hosting and email solutions to ensure minimal downtime and a successful web presence. Our Web hosting is backed up daily, providing you peace of mind.

Web Development And Design

We build websites that perform. Our website developers work on cutting-edge web designs, we customise interactive development for every client’s requirements.

E-Commerce Web Design

With Years of experience and leading in house skills, we can design and build a successful e-commerce website that will help expand and improve your online business.

Web Design Customisation

We customise and tailor your website to your needs and requirements. We can also revamp your existing website and give it a fresh, modern look that you and your users will love!

Web Graphics And Logo Design

Looking for a new logo? We bring your ideas to life with perfectly executed creative designs. Much more than just pixel pushing – we ensure your site functions without a hitch and looks good doing it!

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Web Design Buddina | Web Design Agency Buddina

Web Design Tip #1

Keep Image Sizes low: A web page that is slow to load will cause Google to lower your site rank. It will also cause visitors to lose interest in your web site. Nobody has time for a slow website.

Web Design Tip #2

More Scrolling – less clicking: Visitors will be happy to scroll through your website, rather than click. It is still important not to have a single page website though. It’s ok to have menu items, just be sure to keep clicking to a minimum.

Web Design Tip #3

Focus on your Headline: When doing web design, it’s important to know that the headline serves two purposes. Firstly it tells the visitor what the page is about. Secondly, it tells Google what the page is about. H2 headings must contain your keywords if you want your web page to rank. Put effort up front with your new web design and you will reap the rewards later.

Web Design Tip #4

Website Menu Layout: Keep your Menu Layout clear and Simple. There is nothing more frustrating to a person that having to look for something.

Web Design Tip #5

Guide your Visitor: Try and take your web visitor on the path that you want them to take. Some websites even have a “Start Here” menu item. This makes is obvious for the visitor which path to navigate on your website. These are the basics of good web design.

Web Design Tip #6

Use Images to Direct Attention: Having an image of a person, pointing or looking, at the path you want your visitor to take, has a positive affect on your conversion rate. For instance, have a picture of a person looking at the Web Form you would like them to fill out.

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