Using Facebook Ads To Generate Sales

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Using Facebook Ads To Generate Sales

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Using Facebook Ads to generate sales can be highy beneficial for your business, for a numher of reasons. Given the current circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, more consumers are relying on the likes of Google and Facebook to keep them occupied whilst at home. Which means that this figure continues to rise as the world around us changes.

So what does this mean for business?

Online marketing platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram are providing Australian business owners with the prime opportunity to target high quality customers who spend hours online each day. In fact, studies show that the number of businesses in Australia that have switched to digital advertising, has grown by a whopping 22% since 2017. Using Facebook Ads to generate sales can be highy beneficial for your business, for a numher of reasons.

This also means that if your business has no online presence, it could be left in a precarious position given the rate at which Australian businesses are switching to digital.

Enourmous Opportunity To Grow

When economic times are tough, the first step businesses usually take is to cut their marketing budgets in an attempt to reduce costs and minimise business losses. Marketing is usually seen as a luxury, and as not having a direct benefit to the bottom line.

However, given that lockdown measures have relaxed – the opportunity to target new customers online is enormous. Which is why using Facebook Ads to generate sales should be a priority for your business.

Instead of killing your marketing spend, you should view this as an unprecedented opportunity to reach your customers while most of your customers are at home under lockdown, and many are turning to social media, videos and the internet more regularly for support, information and entertainment. They don’t have meetings or interruptions as when they are office-based, and you have an opportunity to stand out, for your content to connect and resonate with your audience, like never before. Which is why using Facebook Ads to generate sales should be a priority for your business.

‘Fortunately’ for us, this disaster has hit us during the digital age which is all about connectivity – allowing businesses to interact with customers online; maintain customer relationships and future-proof their businesses by using Facebook Ads to generate sales.


Target New Customers

Facebook offers an extensive range of targeting options which enable you to tap into key audiences which are more likely to buy your products or services.

Reminder Marketing

Re-engage customers who have shown an interest in your business by visiting your website, subscribing to your mailing list or even watching one of your videos.

High Sales Rates

Facebook Ads typically offer a $2 return for every $1 spent, but some of our clients have seen this figure rise to $5 per $1 spent.

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How Do You Start Using Facebook Ads To Generate Sales?

The dawn of social media has dramatically influenced the circulation of information about products and services and increased the chances of sales for companies out there that are desperate to bathe their products in the market. Using Facebook Ads to generate sales is the perfect opportunity for any business, big or small. With the introduction of many social platforms, it has become ever easy now to promote your brand and get high consumer traffic. Facebook provides an opportunity to create customs ads bringing value to your social currency.

Social currency is extremely important for marketing success. Basically, Social currency is an important branding and value-building marketing tactic through which a good social media marketing strategist can influence the customer and court more prospects for your sales. In this article, we are sharing with you 3 useful tips for Facebook ads to court maximum prospects for your sales.



1. Monitor Your Traffic

It’s a common mistake most people do. In order to create a captivating and efficient campaign Facebook Ad traffic analysis is very important. There are two core things to consider in this regard:


  • High Relevance
  • Low Frequency


Let’s say, you post an ad for your product or service and it shows high frequency (4-9) but low relevance. It means people are seeing your ad but not converting as consumers. What’s the gap here? The thing is high frequency doesn’t assure your product or service is being watched multiple times on Facebook. So, keep your focus on relevance. If your ad reflects your service in a fascinating manner then you’re up for high sales and generating a relevant audience will be easy for you.

The most powerful benefit of using Facebook Ads to generate sales, is the invaluable data that you collect whilst running your campaigns. Facebook Ads provides detailed reporting, which enables us to idenity opportunities and weaknesses.



2. Create A Powerful Impression

It’s a common saying in the sales universe, Even if you present garbage in a captivating manner, it will sell. Creating a good first impresson is the key to court greater consumer traffic. Why do companies bother to make high-end ad campaigns to sell their products?

The reason is simple, your products will only sell if your customer appreciates it. The same goes with Facebook ads. Create the ads by keeping in mind what your costumers are expecting and give it a little touch of creativity to stand out from the crowd and out-sell competition.

There are several tips for making your adverts stand out so that using Facebook Ads to generate sales becomes easier and less expensive for you – allowing for higher returns.

For example, try to ensure that your Facebook Ad aims to make your target audience aware of their pain points and how your product or service could be the solution to their problem.


3. Targeting Is Crucial

Along with loads of different types of ads, such as video ads, the amount of granularity that you can achieve with Facebook targeting capabilities is beyond powerful. If it is by habits, preferences, backgrounds, relationships, age ranges, languages or places, these targeting capabilities can be digged very deeply.

Additionally, you can clone them when you have found an audience that converts like crazy. The function is called “lookalike audiences” where you can take a custom audience and Facebook will reach out to NEW users who are close to that audience and are more likely to be interested in your company.

Lookalike audiences can also be created using conversion pixels (such as the conversion pixels from your paid search ads!), update data from mobile phones, or simply from your Facebook page followers. You can also define the size and targeting options further to ensure that your lookalike audience is a precise reflection of your target buyers.

Our experienced team here at Digital Nomads HQ have a proven track record in using Facebook Ads to generate sales. Need help with your Facebook Ads? Keen to reach new customers and re-engage with existing customers? Get in touch with us and let’s strategise!

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Using Facebook Ads To Generate Sales

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