Social Media Strategist

Smart has the plans, Stupid has the stories.

Thinking about whether there should be a comma or not


Repeating Google searches


Dog videos on Instagram


Social Media Strategist

Content Maker

Stacey’s digital career has covered a variety of roles and industries. Her creative drive combined with her curiosity in human behaviour has propelled her down the marketing path. Stacey is a lover of learning, constantly challenging herself to find the right words. She’s also a longterm supporter of top knots and tracky dacks.

Content Creation

Social Media Management

Digital Design

Copy Writing

Nap Time

Beyond the four walls of her office, Stacey can be found walking along a beach, goinging on an adventure or enjoying a classic ol’ nap on the couch!

Point & Shoot

Another photography enthusiast, Stacey will often be found with a camera in hand, capturing the word around her. She is also extremely passionate about never running out of wine or indoor plants.

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