Customer Relationship Liaison & Announcer

Food, bark, pee, repeat!

Motivated by food


Swears in bark when not fed


Hunts rats vs Takes Naps


Customer Relationship Liaison & Announcer

Where Is The Dog Food

Manny found his passion for eating early on life! Adopted from another family, initially he fit in a like a razor blade in soup, but once he found his groove with Mum & Dad’s other adopted pup, Lucy the Silky Terrier, he settled in beautifully.

Pest Control

With a penchant for mischief, his career highlights include an angry possum riding on Manny’s back like a bucking bronco, using his teeth to hold on (true story!), hunting and killing countless rats and ingesting enough blue fondant icing to make him throw up for hours!

Food Scavenger

When not marching up and down the office passage scouring for food, you can find him at home, on the couch snuggled up with his best friend Lucy.

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