The OG Matriarch

Hunting skills


Prefers Licks to Naps


Aggression on her leash vs when walking without one


The OG Matriarch

Tiny Terror

With 12 years behind her, Lucy is by far the most experienced in the group. Coming to us with infinite love, licks and guard dog qualities unseen in pups her size, she’s known as the ‘tiny terrorist’.

Pest Control

Her natural hunting abilities see us gifted with many local animals: Mice, rats, birds and even a possum once! Lucy is also a natural teacher and has used these innate skills to coach her best friend Manny how to hunt alongside her to great success!

Nap Time

When not curled up on an office chair, Lucy will always be found in the exact same spot on the couch – where she’s been napping for the last 10 years since she was adopted by Mum & Dad.

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