Social Media Marketing for Small Business

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Social Media Marketing for Small Business

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Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Does Your Business Need Social Media Marketing?

Do you need Social Media Marketing for your Small Business? Over the last year there has been a lot of change for small business. If your business is not found online and does not have a social media presence, it is dead on water. The way people search for service providers or products nowadays is through the internet by searching Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

It’s therefore necessary for your business to be found on as many online platforms as possible.

In the past, when people were looking for a product or a service, they would ask a colleague or a friend for recommendations. In this day and age, people look to Google for recommendations. People also look to Facebook and Google for reviews on products, services, and businesses. It’s therefore in your best interest as a business to have a strong social media platform and presence.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

How Do I Know Which Social Media Platforms to Use?

There is no straight answer to this question. It is often a challenge for business owners to navigate this question themselves. Every business is different and every business should have a different social media marketing strategy.

We encourage you as a small business owner to come in for a free strategy session where one of our social media marketing experts will take a look at your product or service, and your online presence, and we will advise you on the best marketing strategy for your business.

This consultation is free and comes with no obligations. If you would like to book in for a free strategy session, please use the form below to book a session or call our office on 1300 633 100. We would be happy to help you with your social marketing needs.

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Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Which Social Media Platforms You Should Use

It is our opinion that you should choose one or two social media platforms to focus on. However, it is worthwhile to have a presence on as many social media platforms as possible. The reason for this is having a social media presence improves your SEO rankings for your websites.

Google wants a business to be valid, and to do this, Google will check as many online sources for mentions of that business. It is very important for you to maintain the same details on all social platforms and any referring websites.

Facebook is a commonly used platform for marketing for small business. Facebook allows you to run ads to grow your audience and to increase product awareness. Facebook is a great social media platform to advertise on if your business sells a product and not a service.

Facebook as a social media platform can work for a service based businesses if the marketing is handled well. There are ways to promote your service based business very well on Facebook by targeting certain Facebook audiences. You can do this by choosing job roles, demographics, look alike audiences, etc.

Facebook as a social media platform has a very low cost per click ratio compared to other platforms such as Google Ads. However, there is a difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are often reaching a cold audience were the Google Ads are reaching warm audience. So although your pay per click may be higher on Google Ads, you often get a better result for a service based business using Google Ads. If you would like to discuss which marketing plan suits your business better, please contact our offices.

Instagram is a more current platform that is uses by businesses for social media marketing. Instagram works really well when selling a product that a lot of people might want, but it often doesn’t work so well for service based businesses. Instagram is owned by Facebook and goes hand in hand with Facebook Ad marketing. When you create a Facebook Ad, you also have the option to advertise on Instagram.

Facebook as a social media platform can work for a service based businesses if the marketing is handled well. There are ways to promote your service based business very well on Facebook by targeting certain Facebook audiences. You can do this by choosing job roles, demographics, look alike audiences, etc.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

How We Do It

One of our awesome social media managers will be assigned to your account as your primary point of contact. You’ll have unlimited access to them by phone or email ensuring efficient communication between you ultimately resulting in social media posts that authentically reflect your brand’s voice.

One of the first steps we take when developing your social media campaign is to get to know you & your business and analysing your current social media status. At the same time, we investigate what your competition is doing so that we can do it better with an exciting and effective strategy for your social media.

Your brand’s identity should be stamped everywhere – beautiful branding is an important ingredient to the overall success of any business. It should clearly distinguish you from your competitors in a crowded & noisy market. We strategically pour your identity & branding into all aspects of your social media so you stand out to your target audience.

Our social media marketing services include daily management and growth optimisation. We monitor your social media engagement and respond within 24 hours. We aim to grow your social media following organically through our tips and hacks to reach your target audience without paying for ads.

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Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

How We Can Help

Develop Brand Awareness

Increasing your followers doesn’t automatically guarantee you more customers. It is important to note that quality trumps quantity. You brand needs to create content that attracts your ideal target customer and consistently engages them.

More social media followers will provide improved brand awareness, whilst quality content will build engagement from the right followers. Increasing your brand’s awareness, improving website visitors and converting website visitors into customers are our core priorities.

Build Relationships & Engagement

When you build a strong connection by engaging with your audience, they are more likely to buy from you. We will help you maximise this engagement on your social media posts. The more engagement you have, the stronger your connection is with your audience.

Increase Website Traffic

Increased traffic to your website has a direct impact on leads and sales conversions. Our team places a direct focus on social media ad campaigns with the objective of driving high volumes of traffic to your website. Therefore, increasing conversions.

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