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Club Pilates Australia

Club Pilates is a well-known international fitness franchise that provides premium Pilates classes to people of all ages and fitness levels. In Australia, the franchise has grown tremendously since its inception, with numerous locations spread throughout the country.


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Goals & Objective

To help Club Pilates Australia expand its reach and increase its online presence, our digital marketing agency has been working with them to develop their Australian website, execute performance marketing campaigns, and launch a national franchisee SEO campaign. Our main objective was to increase the online visibility of Club Pilates Australia and drive more leads to their website. Our goal was to increase their website traffic, generate more leads, and improve their overall online presence. Additionally, we aimed to increase the number of franchisee enquiries and improve the conversion rate of their website.

Our Approach

To achieve Club Pilates Australia’s objectives, we started by building a new website that was designed to be user-friendly and accessible on all devices. This included implementing a responsive design, improving site speed, and optimizing the website’s content for search engines. Next, we launched performance marketing campaigns that targeted potential customers using social media and search engine advertising. We also launched a national franchisee SEO campaign to help drive more leads to the website and improve their search engine rankings.


After implementing our digital marketing strategy, we were able to achieve significant results for Club Pilates Australia. Our efforts led to a 20% increase in organic website traffic, and a 25% increase in organic leads.

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