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GoogleAds is revolutionary marketing platform that is making it easier for businesses around the world to reach their target audience, generate leads and improve their search engine results page ranking – all with one tool!

Over the years, marketing methods have changed and transformed, evolving traditional marketing into digital marketing.

Many businesses prioritise having an online presence (rightly so!) in order to reach their audiences and remain relevant in an ever-digitalising world. Googleads helps businesses achieve this in a simple, effective way, making this marketing method a lucrative investment for your business.


Why Use GoogleAds

As an advertising platform, GoogleAds can be immensely beneficial for your business. Above simply creating ads that appear in the search results, GoogleAds lets you contend with competitors who may be bigger or more renown than your business, can increase your business’s brand awareness, and improve your website’s ranking in the search results – all of which can lead to more and bigger sales!

A well-developed GoogleAds campaign can also generate large amounts of traffic which, when directed to the right web page, could mean leads and sales for your business.

If you’re thinking of using GoogleAds for your business, you’ve come to the right place!

  • Keyword research and planning
  • Competitor analysis – paid advertising
  • Creation and sculpting of list of negative keywords
  • Keyword prioritisation and bid modification for sales funnel
  • Improvement and optimisation of quality score
  • Keyword performance monitoring and modification
  • Keyword gap analysis
  • Ad schedule optimisation
  • Remarketing audience identification
  • Ad variation, testing and modification
  • Conversion tracking and reporting
  • CTR optimisation
  • Audience targeting
  • Budget management
  • Bid management and modification
  • Landing page optimisation


Want To Run GoogleAds? You Need An Expert!

GoogleAds is one of the best digital marketing tools almost any business can use – but it’s important to know how to use it.

A good ads campaign can be a great tool for generating traffic, marketing your product or service, and getting sales.

Depending on your conversion rate and product sold, for every dollar you spend, you could be getting back $2, $4, $8 or $20!

Are you curious about how this tool can work for you?

  • We study your product or service.
  • We study your industry.
  • We analyse your competitors.
  • We create a minimum of 4 different Ad Sets with great Ad Copy.
  • We analyse which of these 4 Ads perform the best, then continue to run with 1 or 2 of the best. We will also create variations of the best Ads to see which of these perform the best. By doing this we are constantly refining the Ad sets, and reducing the Cost Per Click.
  • We create great Landing pages which specifically target each Ad Set.
  • We analyse each click to find out which clicks were wasted. We will then see if any new keywords need to be added to our negative keyword list. This ensures that we are minimising the wasted clicks and wasted money. We do this step constantly.

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Why You Should Be Using GoogleAds for Your Business

According to, 4.54 billion people around the world use the internet – that’s 59% of the global population! It is predicted that this number will continue to grow, which emphasises how crucial online marketing is. After all, if your desired target audience is online, shouldn’t you be?

Ads is one of the greatest tools you can use in your online marketing efforts. Why? Because it allows you to compete with other organisations and companies in your industry, regardless of who you are – whether you’re a fresh start-up, or part of a massive franchise chain, GoogleAds could potentially help you outcompete your competitors, get traffic to your website, and turn leads into conversions.

Still not sure if GoogleAds is for you? Here are some more reasons to use Google’s most popular advertising platform.


Let Us Manage Your GoogleAds

In order to run a successful Ads campaign, you need a team who understands the data – and we do! We will establish a campaign from start to finish, incorporating the right target audience, at the right time, with the right content, bring you the leads and conversions your business needs.


We will develop, run, monitor and report back on your GoogleAds campaign – because that’s what we do. From start to finish, your ad will be carefully monitored to ensure it reaches the right people and is adjusted as necessary.


A successful Ads campaign will do more than just create leads and convert them – it will ensure a return on your investment! We know how to create a successful campaign, are you ready to begin?


Letting us manage your Ads campaigns means you have more time to focus on what’s important – running your business!

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World Class Google Ads Services

GoogleAds has proven to be a useful tool when trying to improve your brand awareness – even when internet users don’t click on your ads! In fact, a recent study done by Google reflected a top-of-mind brand awareness increase of around 80%!


You can specify just about everything about your GoogleAds campaign, including the time your ad is shown, and who it is shown to. So, if you need your ads to go out around lunchtime to target hungry workers, this is the ideal platform to use.


A great aspect of GoogleAds is that you can choose who sees your ad. This means that your target audience is more likely to find your product or service, and choose to buy from you instead of your competitors. You can even specify age, gender and demographics.


SEO (search engine optimisation) is a fantastic tool necessary to improve your website’s overall Google ranking – but GoogleAds gets there faster. Instead of waiting to rank organically, you can immediately reach your target audience and start converting leads!


If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em – and then outdo them! Chances are, your competitors are already using GoogleAds ; avoid your competitors taking your business and beat them at their own game with your own ads campaign to get leads and sales.


A successful Ads campaign guarantees that your ad will be visible at the top of the search results – which is where your target audience is most likely to be searching for your products and services. Your click-through-rate will be much higher, too!


GoogleAds is an easy way to get leads, and the more leads you get, the higher your conversion rate will be. By creating a great ads campaign, you’ll increase your chances of converting leads and better your return on investment.


GoogleAds is completely scalable, customisable and adjustable. By running multiple ads at once, you can easily assess what works and what doesn’t, and simply adjust your ads as necessary.


Apart from testing your ads, you can also remarket to people who may have already seen your content or visited your website. You can also focus your remarketing efforts on users who have expressed an interest in your product!



Frequently Asked GoogleAds Questions

GoogleAds is one of the most popular online marketing tools for businesses and has taken the advertising world by storm. Its effectiveness is almost incomparable, and many businesses use this tool as their primary online marketing platform.

When it comes to GoogleAds, a lot goes on behind the scenes, which means its important to understand how this useful tool works.

Also known as GoogleAds, Google AdWords is Google’s advertising platform. It is a PPC (pay-per-click) system, so advertisers pay for the clicks their ads receive. Creating an ad and successfully bidding on the keywords you want to target means your ad will show up in Google’s search results page, potentially getting you leads and sales.

Before you can successfully list your ad, you must bid for your targeted keyword. The position of your ad (there are three to four ads on top of the search results, above the organic results, and three to four at the bottom, below the organic results) is determined by your ad rank. Your ad rank is determined by multiplying your maximum bid by your quality score – the highest ad rank then gets the top position.


Due to this advertising method being PPC-based, you will have a cost-per-click (CPC). Your CPC will be determined by the ad rank of the next highest ad below yours, divided by your quality score. The higher your quality score, the cheaper your CPC!

Sound complicated? That’s what we’re here for!

Unfortunately, the simplest answer  to this is, “it depends.” The cost of your GoogleAads will comprise many factors, such as the competitiveness of your chosen keyword, your industry and your quality score.

It is possible to set a budget and adjust it as necessary to try and control how much you spend on your ads. A well developed campaign will get a good click-through-rate at the lowest cost-per-click possible.

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