Google Ads Tips For 2020

Are you looking for the latest Google Ads tips and tricks?

Google Ads Tips for 2020

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Google Ads Tips for 2020

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We have been using Google Ads for our clients for some time and have created a list of tips and tricks that you can follow below.

Google Ads are a really good way to drive new sales for your business. When Google Ads are done right, and you have a positive return on investment, then you can have a constant incoming stream of new customers. Our Google Ads team on the Sunshine Coast can definitely help you on your Google Ads setup.

Google Ads Tips for 2020

If You’re Running Google Ads, You Need An Expert!

Google Ads campaigns remains as one of the best investments yet, depending on your conversion rate and product sold.

For every dollar you spend, you could be getting back $2, $4, $8 or $20.

When dealing with your Google Ads campaign, we put in a lot of effort to make sure it’s profitable.

Google Ads Tips for 2020

Step 1

  • We study your product or service.
  • We study your industry.
  • We analyse your competitors.

Step 2

  • We create a minimum of 4 different Ad Sets with great Ad Copy.
  • We analyse which of these 4 Ads perform the best, then continue to run with 1 or 2 of the best. We will also create variations of the best Ads to see which of these perform the best. By doing this we are constantly refining the Ad sets, and reducing the Cost Per Click.
  • We create great Landing pages which specifically target each Ad Set.
  • We analyse each click to find out which clicks were wasted. We will then see if any new keywords need to be added to our negative keyword list. This ensures that we are minimising the wasted clicks and wasted money. We do this step constantly.

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Google Ads Tips for 2020

Google Ads Tips for 2020

Leading Google Ads Tips


It’s very important to constantly try and reduce your cost per click. You need to keep an eye on this cost per click because Google has a way of increasing your cost per click when you’re not watching. This is one of the reasons why we constantly monitor our customer’s Google Ad campaign. There are many ways to reduce your cost per click which we will discuss in the subsequent Google Ads tips.

Keyword research is where it’s at. Your cost per click on your target keyword may be very high, however, if you find derivatives of that keyword that people are using, then you can bring your cost per click right down. There are other techniques such as retargeting and using the Facebook Pixel, that can help your online marketing campaign, using derivatives and lower cost per click keywords.

When setting up your Google Ads campaign it is important to have a custom landing page for that particular Google Ad. If your Google Ad talks about lounge chairs, then make sure that the landing page that the Google Ad refers to is all about lounge chairs. If it’s not about lounge chairs, then your visitors will quickly get lost on your website and go elsewhere. So keep your landing page relevent to your Google Ad.

When setting up a Google Ad campaign it’s important to setup 2 to 3 variations of your Google Ad. Then you need to monitor each Google Ad to see which Google Ad get’s the highest number of visitors as well as achieve the lowest CPC. You may think that your Google Ad looks good and perform as well. However, if it’s not getting results then it is not a good Google Ad. If you need help testing your Google Ads please contact our Google Ads team. Once you have a Google Ad that is working well, we then encourage you to create variations of that high performing Google Ad to see if you can get even better results.

When Google creates your Google Ad campaign, It takes a look at your landing page and it gives it a page score. What i mean by page score is a SEO page score. Depending on a SEO page score of your landing page, your cost per click will vary. The higher the page score the lower the cost per click. It’s important to do all the necessary SEO on your landing page and make sure it is relevant to the Google Ad.

When people land on your Google Ads landing page, they need to see the information that they need right away. They also need to be able to easily contact your business to purchase your product or service. They need to easily be able to purchase your product if it is a product that you are selling. So keep your Google Ads landing pages simple and make sure that people can find your contact information easily.

If you have a shopping cart on your website, then make sure that it is as easy as possible for people to make purchases. There’s no point spending hundreds of dollars on Google Ads without making it easy for people to buy your product. A lot of shopping carts are abandoned because of the difficulty. In fact, this is the main reason for shopping carts being abandoned. People need to be able to spend their money easily. So make sure your website helps them with that. has got a really good shopping cart. The Amazon bookstore has created a single click to purchase option and the amazon website has got a slide right to purchase option for the phone application.

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Google Ads Tips for 2020

Frequently Asked Google Ads Questions

It’s really up to you and your available marketing budget. The more you spend on Google Ads, the better your results will be – provided your Google Ads campaign is set up correctly. The average CPC (cost-per-click) tends to vary from industry to industry but typically this ranges from $1 to $2 per click. Using a Google Ads Agency such as ourselves will reduce your monthly spend by employing techniques to reduce your CPC. For most businesses, we suggest spending a minimum of $1000 per month on Google Ads.

We generally recommend a minimum of $1000 per month for Google Ads. This is because in our experience, a budget of less than $1000 tends to produce poor results as smaller budgets do not allow for enough website visitors each month. This can often lead to a loss of confidence in Google Ads as a marketing platform.

  1. Create compelling Ad Copy.
  2. Do extensive keyword analysis and group your keywords. Then make the Ad copy match the various keyword groupings.
  3. A well-designed, user friendly landing page is crucial for delivering profitable digital marketing results. That is why it is important to take the time to create an effective Landing Page. Do the research to find out which landing pages work, and why.
  4. Set your budget and closely monitor the results over the first 2 weeks.
  5. Refine your Ads, then create variants of the winning Ad copy until you get the best CPC.

In most cases yes. It largely depends on your CPC (cost-per-click), and the profit you will make on a successful conversion. If the profit margin is low, we will sometimes encourage clients to rather use other methods to market their product or service.

Google Ads is great because it gets your product or service in front of people that are ready to buy. It is one of the only marketing platforms to truly deliver on that.

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