The digital landscape is always changing and as we go into the new year there’s no denying that a strong online presence can make all of the difference. Whether you have a website or utilise social media and PPC, your marketing strategy needs to keep up with the latest trends to remain relevant, or risk being left behind. In this post, we will outline the top digital marketing trends for 2022 you need to keep an eye on and take advantage of!

Why Digital Marketing?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has seen a major shift in how we communicate, shop and purchase goods. With more customers using mobile devices than ever before, it’s clear that customers are searching for the online information they need while on the move.

Today, marketing has moved away from stagnant, sales tactics, and have embraced immersive experiences that engage the customer. By taking steps to create or improve your online marketing strategy, you can boost your success in the coming year.

Digital Marketing Trends For 2022 - Todd and Jodi at a table with a laptop

Video Marketing

Short-form content is more popular than ever before and with the rise of Tik Tok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, it’s clear that audiences love to snack on bite-sized content. Thanks to their ability to capture attention, go viral and lead to stronger engagement it is predicted that Video Marketing will play a very prominent role in 2022 and the years to come.

More and more businesses are turning their attention towards short viral videos that can be easily shared across social media platforms. By taking advantage of the most popular video streaming services, you have a thriving opportunity to create shareable content that has the potential to go viral in an instant.

Similarly, user-generated content, specifically by influencers, has begun to dominate these platforms and continue to grow in popularity each day. People do not respond to traditional advertising as they have in previous years.

In 2021, Colgate Launched a short-form video campaign, #MakeMomSmile where users were encouraged to share videos of their mothers. This user-generated provided content for the company that could be used and shared across platforms to raise awareness and build trust with new and established customers.

By leveraging influencers and customer-created videos, businesses not only save time and resources but are easily able to capture customers in a more authentic and meaningful way.

Digital Marketing Trends For 2022 - Screengrab of TikTok Videos

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not a new concept. Businesses have paid celebrities to promote their products for decades. However, due to the popularity of Instagram and TikTok, the influencer industry has dramatically grown and continues to do so as the industry is expected to be worth more than $15 billion in 2022!

As such, it has proven to be a successful marketing tactic for a number of businesses, small, medium and large. Today Influencers are “everyday people” who have spent time building their brand identity and increasing their audience through trust, transparency and authenticity. Clients and customers are more inclined to trust influencers who they see as relatable and “normal”.

Influencer marketing is a highly beneficial strategy to take advantage of in today’s digital landscape. By partnering with influencers related to their niche, businesses are able to immediately target the market in their niche, build brand awareness and boost their trust and credibility.

Brands such as Gfuel, and H&M have utilised influencers to promote their products. From videos and social media posts to hosting influencers at events, these brands have been able to catch the attention of an audience that has translated into sales and engagement.

Digital Marketing Trends For 2022 - GFuel Influencer marketing

Privacy And Transparency

Modern advertising is heavily reliant on data to optimise and retarget. However, when so much is shared online, consumers are demanding more transparency when it comes to how their data is being used.

Third-party data, or cookies, are little bits of code that websites and social media platforms use to track a users web sue across different sites. This is an effective way for marketers and businesses to understand their customers and create targeted ads that directly appeal to them.

New privacy regulations such and the iOS update have put a spotlight on data privacy, opting in and out of website tracking. As a result, marketers will have fewer data points about customers and will have a significant impact on advertising options.

However, this presents an opportunity for brands and businesses to create a more open and honest dialogue with their customers. By being forthright about the data they use and allowing users to opt into data collection will build a more trusting and loyal relationship between customer and business.

Digital Marketing Trends For 2022 - person using laptop to search on google

Voice Search Optimisation (VSO)

Today, almost 50% of users utilise voice assistants when searching for information. As this number grows, more and more businesses and websites will need to adapt and optimise their content for Voice Search. Unlike SEO, VSO puts a greater focus on long-tail and question-based keywords. Where users tend to type short queries, when speaking out loud, they will use longer, conversational searches and questions.

To take advantage of the increase in voice searches, businesses and websites need to create content that quickly answers a user’s question. Taking common keywords and expanding on them to tailor to more specific queries, businesses can create a more targeted and relevant customer experience, leading to increased satisfaction and conversions.

For example, by taking a keyword such as “Voice Search Optimisation” and expanding it to “How to optimise my content for Voice Search Optimisation” you are able to answer their question while highlighting your business and how you can help them.

Organic SEO

SEO is here to stay and is one of the most effective strategies that drive traffic to your website in 2022. As Google continues to improve its algorithm, customers need to make sure they are implementing the best SEO practices.

The first step is user experience (UX) design. If your website isn’t designed for mobile devices and easy navigation, you simply won’t be found on Google. Next, businesses need to ensure their site includes quality content that is relevant and engaging. Having content that provides true value to your users will help businesses climb up their rankings and ultimately improve conversions.

Digital Marketing Trends For 2022 - DNHQ team sitting at a table

Take Your Digital Marketing To The Next Level

To summarise, the digital marketing industry is consistently changing and growing, with emerging trends continuously shifting how businesses approach advertising and customer engagement. It’s important for marketers to keep up to date with digital marketing trends for 2022 so that they can ensure they are providing their customers with a consistently high-quality service or product.

If you are in need of Digital Marketing help, Digital Nomads HQ is here to help you. Our in-house experts will provide you with industry knowledge and implement proven strategies to help you achieve your business goals. Why not take your business to the next level, and get in touch today!




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