CJ Global

Color Palette

Cloud Burst
Flat Blue
Blue Koi
Ironside Grey

CJ Global Technology

The Brief

CJ Global Technology is a tech-based company spanning across numerous brands and markets. Well established, the brand is driven by innovation and a passion for security, travel and aviation. CJ Global aims to provide and build world-class technology and solutions, at the fore-front of the industries it encompasses.

With a talented team of developers, project managers, designers and information security specialists, CJ Global Technology strives to lay a secure and solid foundation for its sister companies.

CJ Global Technology

Our Direction

The concept that was chosen during the exploration phase was a visual representation of the brands vision.  We designed a logo which, while still strong and fun, is very on-trend and pertinent to the technological roots of CJ Global Technology. 

Attributes CJ Global were looking to represent:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Technological
  • Cutting Edge
  • Simplistic
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